– Manufactures Represented–


T-Line Electric is proud to represent the following manufactures


Hyundai Heavy Industries

Pacific Crest Transformer

Dynamic Ratings

Power & Auto Transformer

Shunt Reactors

Gas Insulated Switchgear

Station Transformers up to 138kV, 30MVA

 Pad Mount Transformers

Specialty Transformers

Transformer Monitoring

Switchgear, Cable and Bus Monitoring

Bushing Monitors

AZZ Switchgear Systems

AZZ Bus Systems

AZZ Enclosure Systems

Metal Clad Switchgear 5-38kV

Arc Resistant Switchgear

Mining Switchgear, Portable Sub Station

ISO Phase Bus Conductor

Segmented Phase Bus Conductor

Non Segmented Phase Bus Duct

Gas Insulated Line

Power Distribution Centers

Control Centers

Instrument Enclosures


Satec Meters

Innovative Switchgear

Advanced Rubber Products

Revenue Quality Power Meters

Power Quality Analyzers

High Accuracy Current Sensors

Pad Mount Switchgear

Submersible/Vault Mount Switchgear

Solid Dielectric Insulated

Polymer Distribution Insulators

Suspension Transmission Insulators

Distribution Cut-outs

Primax Chargers

Travis PDU

Patton and Cooke

Battery Chargers

AC/DC Backup Solutions

Uninterpretable Power Supply

Sub Station Connectors, Bus Fittings

AL & Bronze Welded Connectors

Compression/Bolted Connectors

Junction Bars

MV Plug Connectors

Ariel Ball Markers




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